The Centre of Modern Educational Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) of ECJTU was founded in December 1997 after a merger of Computer Centre, Media-assisted Education Centre, Network Centre and Telephone Service. It is a first-level unit which assists teaching and is responsible for the planning and management of activities involving modern educational technology and for the optimum configuration of teaching media resources.
    The Centre takes charge of courses like basic computer course (practice part), foreign language visual audio course and multimedia teaching. It also undertakes the task of constructing and managing the campus computer network as well as the task of managing and maintaining China Railcom campus communications system, campus cable TV system and campus broadcasting system. The Centre consists of five sections: Centre Office, Computer Teaching Service, Multimedia Teaching Service, Network Information Section and Telephone and TV Service. Teaching facilities like computer rooms, multi-purpose classrooms and language labs facilitate the advancement of modern educational technology process. The top-quality satellite ground receiving system is accessible to all apartments for faculty and staff and every dormitory room for students via campus cable TV system. The high-speed campus-wide Ethernet connects teaching, research and administration, forming a digital campus and enabling teachers and students alike to have easy access to the Internet or Information Highway. Serveral thousand program-controlled switches make it possible to dial direct to any place of the country through a campus phone, thus bridging the gap of communication between the campus and the outside community. 
    With the application of modern educational technology as the core of its work, the Centre will continue to focus on its service to teaching and research, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of modern educational technology. It will also strive to broaden the overall function of education and build a good reputation and image in its service to teaching and the outside community.

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