Post-graduate Educ.

 Post-graduate education at ECJTU began in the mid 1980s and began conferring master degrees formally in 1993. The university attaches much importance to the design of disciplines and the development of its post-graduate education, and focuses on quality training of post-graduate students. It develops part-time as well as full-time post-graduate education. Now the university has 46 specialties conferring master degrees. There are 204 tutors who guide nearly 403 registered post-graduate students. 

Master’s Degree Programs

  • Engineering and Technology
    Mechanical Design and its Theory
    Mechanical Manufacture and its Automation
    Electrical System and its Automation
    Computer Applied Technology
    Instruction Engineering
    Jeotechnique Engineering
    Vehicle Application Engineering
    Highway and Railroad Engineering
    Engineering of Transportation Information and its Control

  • Management and Economics
    Labor Economy
    Enterprise Management


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