Conventional Educ.

  East China Jiaotong University aims at developing abilities of advanced engineering techniques and economic management for the basic fields of production. The training of engineering practice is an important element in its educational philosophy. East China Jiaotong University actively explores ways to train and develop qualified personnel in connection with production, education and research.
  The university provides necessary advanced facilities which include a large collection of books and materials, an electronic reading room, an internet center, a center for audio-visual education, phonetics labs, multi-media classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, and practical bases for educational and social projects.
  The structure of the courses focuses on engineering and technology, management and economics, and on developing both the arts and physical education. By taking advantage of its key courses, the university's goal is to establish its own identity by combining engineering, management and economics to meet the needs of railway construction and the country's social and economic development. 

Schools and Programs

  • School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
    Civil Engineering
    Transportation Engineering
    Water Supply and Drainage
    Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering
    Art Design
    Environmental Engineering
    Engineering Management

  • School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Electrical and its Automation
    Electronic Information Engineering

  • School of Information Engineering
    Computer Science and Technology
    Communication Engineering
    Electronic Commercial
    Net Engineering
    Information Engineering

  • School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Design Manufacture and its Automation
    Materials Shaping and Control Engineering
    Industrial Engineering
    Measuring Control Technology and Instrument
    Communication and Transportation
    Management of Materials Influence
    Industry Design

  • School of Economics and Management
    International Economy and Trade
    Human Resources Management
    Information Management and Information System
    Market Management and Sale
    Industrial and Commercial Management

  • School of Physical Education
    Physical Education
    Sports Training

  • School of Basic Science
    Applied Chemistry
    Information and Computer Science
    High Molecule Material and Engineering

  • School of Foreign Languages
    International Economy and Trade

  • School of Humanity and Social Science
    Chinese and Literature
    Public Affairs Management

  • School of Defense Students

  • School of Arts
    Art design
    Industry design

  • Associate Degree Programs(Non-degree) 
    Materials Fluency Management
    Computer Assist Mechanical Design
    Electronic Commercial
    Applied Electronic Technology
    Civil Engineering


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