Schools & Departments

  • School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Civil Engineering Departmen
Bridge Engineering Department
Environment Engineering Department
Art Design Department
Architecture Departmentd

  • School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical manufacture and Mechanical Electricity
Engineering Mechanical
Measuring Technics and Instruments
Basics of Mechanical Design
Materials Shaping
Industry Engineering

  • School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    Electrical Engineering Department
    Automatic Department
    Electrical Technician Section

  • School of Information Engineering

  • School of Software

    Computer Application
    Computer Software
    Computer Communication
    Computer Basics
    Communication Engineering

  • School of Economics and Management

    Accounting Department
    Management Department
    Economy Department
    Statistics Department

  • School of Basic Science

    Information and Computer Department
    Application Physical Department
    Chemistry and Chemical Industry Department
    Engineering Graphics and Applied Software Department

  • School of Foreign Studies

    Professional Foreign Languages
    College English

  • School of Humanity and Social Science

    Humanity and Law Department

  • School of Physical Education

    Physical Education
    Public Physical Education Teaching Department
    Sports Training Department
    Military Theory Teaching Department

  • School of Defense Students

  • School of Arts
    Art design
    Industry design

  • College of Adult Education

  • College of Vocational Education

  • College of Technology

  • International School


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