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Mingxin ZHENG

Current Position:

Professor and Deputy Director,


I Institute of Bridge & Road and Geotechnical Engineering,

East China Jiaotong University

808 Shuanggang East Street, Nanchang, Jiangxi,                       

330013, China

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492001473@qq.com  or zhmx@ecjtu.jx.cn



Program Affiliations 

Landslide and roadbed disease control 

Civil and environmental engineering 

Subgrade engineering and tunnel engineering 

New materials application in highway & railway Engineering

Testing and monitoring of geotechnical engineering


BS, Geological Engineering, 1987Chengdu University of Technology

MS, Geotechnical Engineering, 1992, Chengdu University of Technology 

PhD, Geotechnical Engineering, 2005, Hohai University
Visiting professor, Geotechnical Engineering, 2005-2006, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Fields of Interest 

Assessment of effectiveness of landslide control

Time & Space prediction of Landslide

Identification of soil behavior and Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction;

Capacity of weathering soil and soil improvement

FEM, DEM simulation of slope Stability  

New methods of landslide control

Ground subsidence and control


Selected Awards and Honors

 The State council special allowance ,2010, the State Council of China.

The MAO Yi-sheng Railway Science and Technology Award”, 2013. Ministry of Railways commitment of China.

 Jiangxi Provincial Top Teacher Award , 2008

“The Youth Zhan Tian-you Award of Railway science and technology”, 2001. Ministry of Railways People’s Republic of China.

“Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions”, 2000. Ministry of Railways People’s Republic of China.

The national science & technology advance, third prize, in 1997.

Railroad department the technology progresses, first prize, in 1996.


My past research of landslides involved landslide surveys and sliding time prediction using FEM, DEM and the fractal theory. Recently, besides studying new structural of landslide control, such as pile structures and the interaction between pile and soil, I also probe the assessment methods and criteria of landslide control using numerical analysis, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, etc.

In addition, my current research focuses on the adaptability of fill embankments using soft rock (such as the siltstone and schist), and treating poor subgrades using industrial by-products and geosynthetics in highway or railway construction. The behavior of organic soft soil, and expansive rock or soils are complex, and they do bring a lot of hazards along railways. Therefore, how to select suitable fill materials and how to deal with poor subgrade has become one of my research focuses.

My environmental geotechnics research includes the characteristics of ground subsidence and tunnel design deformation control, and also probing the formation mechanisms of geological hazards and its controlling countermeasures in special stratums, such as landslide and collapse. Currently, I also pay attention to the remediation of sites containing contaminated soil and groundwater. 

Additional research include monitoring and assessing the stability of high slopes along some freeways, and trying to obtain a predictive method of high slope stabilty by monitoring data.

Selected Publications in Recent Years

1.Ming-xin Zheng, Yangqiang Chen. Numerical analysis on the subgrade settlements in case of different tunneling excavation plans across railway[J]. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 488-489 (2014) pp 424-428.

2.Jia-Cai Liu, Ming-Xin Zheng. General solutions for consolidation of multilayered soil with a vertical drain system[J]. Geotextiles and Geomembranes , Available online 19 April 2014

3.ZHENG Ming-xin, HU Guo-ping.Analysis on the creep mechanism of high-speed railway embankment[A]. The sixth International Symposium on Innovation and Sustainability of Modern Railway, 2018: 153-157

4.Zheng Ming-xin. A new predicting method of landslide by fractal theory[J]. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation & Rehabilitation. Nanjing, 2008

Selected Current Research Projects

1. Project Presider, National Natural Science Foundation of China (51568022), Study on the strength charaterisitics of coal-bearing soil and slope risk evaluation at alternation of wetting-drying, CNY470000, 2016-2019

2. Project Presider, National Natural Science Foundation of Jiangxi Province (20171BAB206056), Reaserch on the settlement regularity and controling of railway road by underneath passing of urban traffic, CNY 60000, 2017-2019

3. Project Presider, Management department of national highway 324 reconstruction project, Zhang-zhou highway bureau. Study on surrounding rock monitoring and deformation of Huadu tunnel at Zhang-zhou, CNY 796000, 2018-2020


Member of Society of Geotechnical Engineering Engineers, USA

Member of Chinese Institute of Railway

Member of Chinese Geotechnical Engineering Society

Graduate Students

Graduate Student:52 (Graduated 38)



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