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Meihua XIAO



Current Position:

Professor and Deputy Director 


School of Software,

East China Jiaotong University

808 Shuanggang East Street,                           

Nanchang, Jiangxi, 330013, China

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Ph.D. Sep. 2002  Jan. 2008, Chinese Academy of Sciences- Institute of Software, P. R. China.

Master of Engineering Sep. 1998  Jul. 2001, Nanchang University - Computer Software and Theory, P. R. China 

Bachelor of Engineering Sep. 1983  Jul. 1987, Shanghai University of Technology-Computer Application, P. R. China


Dec.2011 - Present: Professor and Deputy DirectorSchool of SoftwareEast China Jiaotong University, P. R. China

Jul.2016 - Dec.2016, Visiting Scholar, University of Houston, Computer Graphics and Interactive Media (CGIM) LaboratoryUSA

May.2010 - May.2012, Postdoctoral, Pioneer Software Co., Ltd., Jiangxi, China

Aug.1987 - Nov.2011, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, School of Information Engineering, Nanchang University, P. R. China

Sep.2008 - Sep.2009, Visiting Scholar, Cornell University, Computer Science Department, USA

Major Research Fields 

Information Security

Computer Science and Technology (Network Security, Software Engineering)

Software Development Environment and Development Technology


Project Presider, Model Detection and Analysis of Network Security Protocol and Its Support System DevelopmentJiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Achievement AwardCertificate No J13-2-041Second PrizeSep.2013

Project Presider, Formal Analysis of Network Security Authentication ProtocolThe 20th National Computer Security Academic Conference Outstanding Paper Award of China Computer SocietyAug.2010.

Project Presider, Formal Analysis of Network Security Protocol Based on Model checking TechnologyJiangxi Computer Society GANCOMPUTERStudy certificate NO. 0914号,Second PrizeMay.2009.

Selected Publications in Recent Years

1. Meihua Xiao, Cheng D, Wei LI, et al. Formal Analysis and Verification of OAuth 2.0 Protocol Improved by Key Cryptosystems[J]. Chinese Journal of Electronics, 2017, 26(3):477-484.

2. Ding Y, Zhang Y, Meihua Xiao, et al. A Multifaceted Study on Eye Contact based Speaker Identification in Three-party Conversations[C]// CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, 2017:3011-3021.

3. Meihua Xiao, Wei Li, Yanan Li, et al. DICOM Protocol Security Communication Framework Based on Cloud PACS, 2017[J]. Computer Engineering and Science, 2017.

4. Yanan Li, Meihua Xiao, Wei Li, et al. Event Logic Based Security Proof of Wireless Mesh Network Authentication Protocol [J]. Computer Engineering and Science, 2017(12):2236-2244.

5. Meihua Xiao, Yanan Li, Wei Li, et al. Related Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Logistics Industry Development in Internet of Things Environment- Take Jiangxi Province as an Example [J]. Business Economy, 2017(4):167-173.

6. Meihua Xiao, Yintian Mei, Wei Li, et al. Security Analysis of Nayak-T Protocol Based on Timestamp Private Key Signature [J]. Computer Engineering and Science, 2017(12):2252-2259.

7. Meihua Xiao, Xinqian Liu, Yanan Li, et al. Three-way network protocol security proof based on strong authentication theory[J]. Computer Science and Exploration, 2016, 10(12):1701-1710.

8. Xinqian Liu, Meihua Xiao, Daolei Chen, et al. Improvement of Needham-Schroeder Protocol Security Based on Logic of Event[J]. Computer Engineering and Science, 2015, 37(10):1850-1855.

9. Meihua Xiao, Ke Zhu, Chenglin Ma. SPIN-based Andrew Secure RPC protocol parallel attack model checking [J]. Computer Science, 2015, 42(7):103-107.

10. Meihua Xiao, Ma C, Deng C, et al. A Novel Approach to Automatic Security Protocol Analysis Based on Authentication Event Logic[J]. Chinese Journal of Electronics, 2015, 24(1):187-192.

11. Meihua Xiao, Wan Z, Liu H. The Formal Verification and Improvement of Simplified SET Protocol[J]. Journal of Software, 2014, 9(9).

12. Meihua Xiao, Daolei Chen, Lei Hu, et al. Based on Spin/Promela Woo-Lam protocol security properties efficient verification magnetic[J]. Computer and Digital Engineering, 2014(10):1768-1772.

13. Chenglin Ma, Meihua Xiao, Chunyan Deng, et al. Kerberos * Protocol Security Analysis Magnetics Based on Improved GNY Logic[J]. Computer and Digital Engineering, 2014(10):1758-1762.

14. Meihua Xiao, Tan J, Zhuang L K. The Research and Implementation of an Electronic Seal System Based on CAPICOM[J]. Advanced Materials Research, 2013, 734-737:3228-3233.

15. Xiangxi Zhong, Meihua Xiao, Jinxiang Liu. A Comparative Analysis of the Technological Competitiveness of Internet of Things Companies in Eastern and Central Western Regions- Push-pull model and human technical symbiosis model [J]. Scientific Management Research, 2013, 31(4):80-84.

16. Xiangxi Zhong, Meihua Xiao, Jinxiang Liu. An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Industrial Competitiveness of Internet of Things during the Formation Period [J]. Business Research, 2012(10):52-57.

17. Xiangxi Zhong, Meihua Xiao. An Analysis of the Development Path of Jiangxi Internet of Things Industry [J]. Business Research, 2012(7):82-87.

18. Meihua Xiao, Liquan Yu, Pan Xiao. SOCKETCommunication program model extraction and reliability verification [J]. Computer Science, 2012, 39(11):102-105.

19. Yu L, Meihua Xiao. Review and Evaluation of Classification Algorithms Enhancing Internet Security[C]// International Conference on Web Information Systems and Mining. IEEE, 2011:276-278.

20. Meihua Xiao, JIANG, et al. On Formal Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols and Supporting Tool[J]. Journal of Electronics: English Edition, 2010, 19(2):223-228.

21. Cheng Y, Kang W, Meihua Xiao. Model checking of SSL 3.0 protocol based on SPIN[C]// International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems. IEEE, 2010:401-403.

22. Chang W U, Meihua Xiao, Luo M, et al. Effective automatic generation of security protocol’s verification model[J]. Computer Engineering & Applications, 2010.

23. Meihua Xiao, Bickford M. Logic of Events for Proving Security Properties of Protocols[C]// International Conference on Web Information Systems and Mining. IEEE Computer Society, 2009:519-523.

24. Meihua Xiao, Liu Q W, Wu C, et al. Formal Analysis for Discrete Optimisation Problems Based on Model Checker SPIN[C]// IEEE International Symposium on Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling Workshop, 2008. Kam Workshop. IEEE, 2009:802-805.

25. Meihua Xiao, Xue J. Formal automatic verification of security protocols[C]// IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing. IEEE, 2006:566-569.

26. Meihua Xiao, Xue J Y. Modeling and Verifying Cryptographic Protocols Using SPIN/Promela[C]// IEEE International Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation. DBLP, 2004:352-358.

Selected Current Research Projects

1. Project Presider, National Natural Science Foundation of China61562026: Research on Data Integrity Verification Model and Protocol Based on Logic of Event in Cloud Computing Environment, CNY 390000, 2016.1-2019.12

2. Project Presider, Jiangxi Province Key Subject Academic and Technical Leader Funding Project (2017XSDTR0105): Formal Analysis and Validation of Big Data Security in the IoE Era in Combination with Model Detection and Logic of Event Theory, CNY 500000, 2017.1-2019.12

3. Project Presider, Jiangxi University Science and Technology Landing Plan ProjectKJLD13038 : Research on Formal Verification Model and Protocol of Data Security in Cloud Computing Environment, CNY 200000, 2014.1-2016.12

4. Project Presider, Opening key topics of the State Key Laboratory of Computer Software and New TechnologiesKFK T2012B18: Several Key Technologies  about Formal Analysis of Security Protocol Based on Logical of Event Security Protocol, CNY 100000, 2012.6-2014.6

5. Project Presider, Jiangxi Soft Science Research Project20143BBA10006: Jiangxi Internet of Things Industry Development and Strategies for Improving Industrial Competitiveness, CNY 30000, 2015.1-2016.12

Completed Research Projects

1. Project Presider, National Natural Science Foundation of China61163005),Formal Analysis and Verification of Security Protocol Based on Logic of EventCNY 300000, 2012.1-2016.3

2. Project Presider, Jiangxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation20161BAB202063: Provable Formal Analysis and Design of Wireless Network Security Protocols, CNY 70000, 2016.1-2017.12

3. Project Presider, China Postdoctoral Science Fund Project20110491497, Network Security Protocol Formal Analysis Theory, CNY 20000 , 2011.6-2014.3

4. Project Presider, Jiangxi Science and Technology Foreign Cooperation Program Project20151BDH80005, DICOM-based key technologies of medical image network transmission security and support platform, CNY 100000, 2015.1- 2016.12

5. Project Presider, Jiangxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation20132BAB201033, Research on Network Data Security Verification Model and Protocol in Cloud Computing Environment Based on Logic of Event, CNY 30000, 2013.1-2015.12

6. Project Presider, Jiangxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation (2010GZS0150), Formal analysis and verification of cryptographic protocols Based on Logic of Event, CNY 10000, 2010.1-2011.12

7. Project Presider, Jiangxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation (2007GZS1884), Research on Formal Analysis and Supporting Tools of Network Security Protocol,

CNY 30000, 2007.7-2009.6

8. Project Presider, Jiangxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation (0611057)Research on Formal Analysis of Network Security Protocol Based on Model checking TechnologyCNY 10000 , 2006.7-2008.6

9. Project Presider, Jiangxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation (0411041), Formal verification and model checking of software reliability, CNY 10000, 2004.7-2006.6

10. Project Presider, Jiangxi Science and Technology Support Plan Project(赣科鉴字[2009 ]270, Network Information Security Automatic Analysis and Evaluation System, CNY 20000, 2007.1-2009.12

11. Project Presider, Jiangxi Science and Technology Support Plan Project2009BGB01700, Network communication and e-commerce security real-time protection and evaluation support platform, CNY 30000, 2010.1-2011.12

12. Project Presider, Jiangxi Soft Science Research Project 2010DRB01400, The Informatization Drives Industrialization to Rely on Science and Technology Innovation to Change the Way of Economic Development, CNY 10000, 2010.1- 2011.12


Director of National College of Computer Basic Education Research Association

Standing committee of Chinese Computer Society Theoretical Computer Science Committee

Member of Chinese Computer Society Formal Methods Committee

Member of China Electronics Association Information Theory Branch

Executive Director of Jiangxi Computer Society

Graduate Students

Graduate Student: 2  (Graduated 36) 


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