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Chunhua Peng



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School of Electrical and Automation Engineering, East China Jiaotong University

808 Shuanggang East Street,                           

Nanchang, Jiangxi, 330013, China

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Ph.D. Sep.2001 Sep.2004, Southeast University-Power Engineering, P. R. China.

Master of Engineering Sep. 1997  Jul. 1999, Wuhan University-Power Engineering, P. R. China 

Bachelor of Engineering Sep. 1990  Jul. 1994, Wuhan University-Power Engineering, P. R. China


Jan.2013-Present: Professor, Teaching and Research, East China Jiaotong University,  Nanchang, China

Jun.2017-Jul.2018: Visiting Scholar, University of New Brunswick-Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Canada

Dec.2006-Dec.2012: Associate professor, Teaching and Research, East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang, China

Sep.2004-Nov.2006: Lecturer, Teaching and Research, East China Jiaotong University,  Nanchang, China

Jul.1999-Aug.2001: Power Engineer, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Research Institute,  Nanjing, China

Major Research Fields 

Power System Dispatch and Planning

Optimal Operation of Smart Grid and Microgrid

Multi-objective Optimization

Stochastic Programming and Forecasting

Power Market Optimization


Project Presider, Research on model and algorithm of multi-objective optimal generating and bidding based on energy saving and emission reduction and bidding risk assessment. The Second Grade Award for Science and Technology Achievement Award of Colleges and Universities in Jiangxi Province, Sep. 2013. 

Selected Publications in Recent Years

1. C Peng, P Xie, L Pan, R Yu. Flexible robust optimization dispatch for hybrid wind/photovoltaic/hydro/thermal power system, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2016, 7(2):751-762.

2. C Peng, H Sun, J Guo. Multi-objective optimal PMU placement using a non-dominated sorting differential evolution algorithm, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2010, 32(8):886-892.

3. C Peng, H Sun, J Guo, G Liu. Multi-objective optimal strategy for generating and bidding in the power marketEnergy Conversion and Management, 2012, 57(1):13-22.

4. C Peng, H Sun, J Guo, G Liu. Dynamic economic dispatch for wind-thermal power system using a novel bi-population chaotic differential evolution algorithm, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2012, 42(1):119-126.

5. C Peng, S Chen, R Yu. An optimal phase swapping strategy for long-term three-phase balancing using a novel simulated crystallizing algorithm. Proceedings of the CSEE(Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering), 2014, 34(22) :3760-3767.

6. C Peng, P Xie, C Chen. Adjustable robust optimal dispatch of power system with large-scale photovoltaic power stations. Proceedings of the CSEE, 2014, 34(25) :4324-4332.

7. C Peng, H Sun, T Yu. Multi-objective optimization of thermal power units output considering the bidding risk. Transactions of China Electro Technical Society, 2012, 27(2):210-216.

8. C Peng, G Liu, L Xiang. Short-term electricity price forecasting using relief-correlation analysis based on feature selection and differential evolution support vector machine. Transactions of China Electro Technical Society, 2013, 28(1):277-284.

9. C Peng, P Xie, J Zhan, H Sun. Robust economic dispatch of microgrid using improved bacterial foraging algorithm. Power System Technology, 2014, 38 (9):2392-2398.

10. C Peng, L Wang, Y Li. Strategy of power-coupling droop control for three-phase inverter in low-voltage microgrid. Electric Power Automation Equipment, 2014, 34(3): 28-33.

Selected Current Research Projects

1. Project Presider, Research on integrated adjustable robust parallel optimal operation of microgrids. (2015, Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China-No. 51567007)

2. Project Presider, Research on the adjustable robust optimization dispatch for large scale hybrid wind/photovoltaic/hydro/thermal power system. (2015, Funded by Natural Science Foundation Major Projects of Jiangxi Province –No. 20152ACB20017)

Completed Research Projects

1. Project Presider, Research on model and algorithm of multi-objective optimal generating and bidding in Smart Grid. (2011, Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China-No. 51167005)

2. Project Presider, Research on the microgrid central control system based on parallel optimization of distributed renewable energy generation. (2014, Funded by Science & Technology Pillar Program of Jiangxi Province -No.20142BBE50001)


Member of a Council of Jiangxi Province Automation Society

Member of Jiangxi Province Electrical Engineering Society

Graduate Students

Graduate Student: 40 (Graduated 26) 


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