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East China Jiaotong University(ECJTU) as one of the renowned multi-disciplinary and comprehensive universities in China, focuses on railway-related disciplines and features the transportation engineering. It was established in 1971, when the State Council approved of combining both College of Locomotive and Rolling Stock in Shanghai Jiaotong University and College of Railway Engineering in Tongji University together to establish Shanghai Railway Institute, which was later renamed East China Jiaotong University and transferred to Jiangxi Province. Since 1978, ECJTU and Shanghai Railway Institute ran independently as two universities and then was affiliated to the Railway Ministry of China. In 2000, the university was reformed to be co-sponsored by both central and provincial governments, but mainly under the administration of the latter. Through many years' unremitting efforts, under priority construction in Jiangxi Province, ECJTU has grown into a provincially key university and one nationally accredited institution offering doctoral degree programs. <More Info>

                                                                                       Chancellor, Ming Wan          President, Yufeng Luo


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